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Unfold Business Opportunities For A Shelf Company With RAS Corporate Advisors

Business setup in Dubai done without any hassles and legal hurdles can be rewarding. However, anything related to the corporate world done without the assistance and guidance of professionals can surely put you off track and elongate the entire setting up process. Similarly, the buying and selling of a shelf company is a job that needs to be done diligently and actively for business setup in Dubai. A shelf company, in simple terms is an already incorporated but inactive company that supports a clean business history and is ready for the transfer of its ownership for business setup in Dubai.

RAS corporate advisors will provide you with some of the industry’s best and most professional experts on business setup in Dubai. With complete information and guidance for ready-made companies you can rest assured that the entire long and tiring process of acquisition will be made easier and convenient for you. Here is all you need to know about deciding to acquire a shelf company in Dubai:

RAS corporate advisors and their services to aid you in buying and selling a shelf company:
Business setup in Dubai is a tremendous jib when it comes to shelf companies which is why RAS corporate advisors will offer you:

  • Our experts will provide you with a list of companies for sale and purchase
  • Our experts will provide you with a list of prospective clients who are willing to buy an already established business setup in Dubai
  • Assistance in finding a company that suits your needs and aims
  • Assistance and advisory services for getting in touch with trustworthy buyers and information
  • Detailed assistance in verifying a company’s background along with comprehensive inquiries for debt, other liabilities, banking records, financials situation and other related compliances
  • We offer you a complete and thorough evaluation that encompasses the risk factor and other factors on which advisory services are required
  • Complete assistance in the documentation process that comply with legal formalities and cover transfer of ownership and follow up updates

The benefits of opting for RAS corporate advisors’ services for shelf establishments in the UAE:

  • Our team of expert advisors and professionals are experienced in their field work
  • We possess great information on shelf companies and have a list of all prospective buyers and sellers for business setup in Dubai
  • We run detailed background checks so trust can be established for essential analysis facets regarding risk, assets, liabilities and any third parties that may be involved
  • We make sure our services rest on unwavering standards to run these checks so you can rest assured about being given the most reliable contacts with RAS corporate advisors
  • Our consultation and ownership analysis is through and complete so your transfer process is made complete in compliance with all laws and regulations

The reason why you should choose RAS global for shelf companies is because we are a one stop shop for all the legal and advisory services that you will require in your journey to acquire or sell a shelf company in the UAE.


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