Set up your business in Dubai with RAS Corporate Advisors

RAS Corporate Advisors – You Best Option For Business Setup In Dubai

The entire industry for business setup in Dubai is one that requires tremendous efforts and dedication. And it does not come with a hassle free agenda. With more and more competition, it is vital to makes sure that you have the best guidance and assistance throughout. RAS corporate advisors do just that. Our team of professional advisors and experts firmly believe in commitment and customer satisfaction. We have been working in the global services sector for a long time now and we have secured a renowned global presence that speaks for itself. Our wide array of services for business setup in Dubai make us the best provider of consultation and advisory experts in the country.

We strongly believe that customer is king which us why our commitment is reflected through our 7-point policy that perfectly shows what our mission is:

  • We offer the quickest and easiest services
  • We have a competitive pricing policy
  • We provide a direct local sponsor which removes any need for an agent
  • Our client comes first which is why we have a 96% customer satisfaction rate
  • We provide you with the best and most suitable representatives for your needs
  • Your data is protected and remains confidential
  • Our two core aims – integrity and diligence for your business setup in Dubai

We thrive on our service which why we are a one stop shop which enables all our clients to avail the gulfs most comprehensive and detailed services. As a corporate service provider, we perfectly understand that often those looking for business setup in Dubai have to be inflicted with a worrisome process that takes time and if often left incomplete. Which is why our one stop shop services include:

  • Company formation and licensing: our professional experts will provide you with customized solutions ideas that will reduce your issues, are affordable and will be tailored in accordance to your needs
  • Sponsorship and visa services: for the fastest and easiest services in the business sector, RAS corporate advisors provide you with trustworthy and reliable options for local sponsorships and visa services, reducing any risks involved
  • Pro-services: our public relations officers will aid you in efficiently managing any documentation and other related processes to reduce any issues and hassles you may run into
  • Banking assistance: we have in-house banking counters plus strong relationships with various banks allowing us to securely and quickly open up a corporate bank account for you
  • Advisory and legal services: we will handle all your legal matters to ensure your business functions smoothly and effectively from the start
  • Corporate services: for business setup in Dubai we offer proficient an sophisticated services for your corporate venture
  • Company liquidation: this is a stringent procedure in the UAE which is why RAS corporate advisors provide lucid compliance and professional assistance in this matter so you can easily go through this process without any hassles
  • Commercial due diligence: every commercial transaction must be monitored and kept and eye on which is why we provide assistance and advisory services so that your financial transactions remain secured and protected throughout


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