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If you don’t have the right advice and consultancy services, a company setup in UAE free zone with a stable base will take years to develop. This is why RAS advisors ensure that all questions about your business setup in UAE free zone are taken away until they are selected. The advisory and legal aid we provide is in line with commercial laws and all the other legal aspects of your business setup in UAE free zone. In order to ensure hassle-free operations and corporate governance, RAS corporate advisors are a professional team of consultants and experts who help newly formed companies to obtain a solid foundation and set them on the right track.For all your corporate needs, we are a one stop shop service and we will ensure that the best legal and advisory services in the UAE are delivered to you in the best way:

  1. RAS corporate advisors’ services for legal and advisory matters
  2. Advisory services on legal and business matters that comply with UAE legislation
  3. Business setup in UAE free zone planning and other services for structuring
  4. Corporate consultancy services
  5. Legal drafting, drafting of a contract and a full review
  6. On every legal matter, due diligence
  7. Nominee services
  8. Full Attestation and Filling Services
  • The core advantages of business setup in UAE free zone
  • Extensive information on legal and advisory issues
  • Professional expert team with years of experience in business setup in UAE free zone
  • Personalized and diligent services that are best for your company
  • Prompt assistance for issues in all subjects concerned
  • A single-stop destination for all your business and legal needs
  • The steps to pursue with RAS corporate advisors
  • Consultation-Our comprehensive consultation will begin with a detailed consultation on your business setup in UAE free zone
  • Documentation-Our legal experts will assist you with all types of paperwork and documentation drafting issues.
  • Compliance: Our specialists will helpyou to comply with and ensure that all laws and requirements are met in the best possible manner
  • Updates and follow-ups-we make sure that our customers are kept up-to-date and legally advised with any changes to laws or regulations that may affect their business setup in UAE free zone
  • Why you should come to RAS corporate advisors?

RAS Global is a respected and trustworthy provider of legal services that are well thought out and well assisted. We ensure that our customers are equipped with the best technology consultant for business setup in UAE free zone. We are a team of reliable and seasoned people who have worked in this field for years, so you can be assured that your problems will be in the right hands and will be dealt with in the best manner.

For specific and effective solutions, we also link our customers with other professionals. RAS advisors will be there right next to you from the outset of your business to the latest alerts and follow-ups, ensuring you are provided with the highest and most reliable resources that are trouble free and mitigate all your corporate hassles.


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