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RAS corporate advisors a reputed and professional company that provides the best legal and advisory services to clients from all over the world. Our primary expertise lies in the business setup in UAE free zone sector, but our trusted mergers and acquisitions are highly sought after. To aid your company is the best way, we offer the most specialist help and legal services. Our team of professional consultants is our main core competency in the country.

We provide the best services for business setup in UAE free zone with our skill, diligence, knowledge and experience with all types of businesses, operations and activities. Our mergers and acquisitions services are unmatched and one of the most trusted in Dubai. Our team will aid you with a properplan that is customized so you don’t have to go places, alleviating all financial and legal difficulties. So, here’s all you need to know about mergers and acquisition services provided by our diligent and competent specialists:

  1. Exemplary services provided by us for acquisitions and mergers in the UAE
  2. Special corporate and risk consultancy for business setup in UAE free zone
  3. Specifying assets and assessment services
  4. Comprehensive portfolio advisory services
  5. Detailed strategic training services
  6. Structure of the deal and further analysis
  7. Proper and comprehensive documentation and service drafting
  8. Comprehensive negotiation and support throughout the process
  • The main advantages of opting for RAS corporate advisors in the UAE

Here are the benefits you could get from us, because we are one of the most diverse and professional providers for business setup in UAE free zone.

• For business setup in UAE free zone, we add considerable value

• Advice on every aspect done professionally

• Compliance with market trends, detailed risk and asset assessment.

• Strategy formation oriented towards the future and maximizing profit

• Learn about local and international legislation and regulations

• Pre-closure and post-closure professional consulting

• Restructuring and monitoring of businesses

• Proper and detailed business setup in UAE free zone

• Customized professional financial advice and feasibility reports

  • The steps to take for obtaining services for mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis and assessments: a detailed analysis and evaluation of the risk, assets and other financial issues related both to fusions and acquisitions in relation with current market trends will be conducted throughout our action.
  • Generate a report – Following a careful study of your business in Dubai, we will give you a detailed report containing insights into the future and outcome-oriented aims of your company.
  • Consultation – our consultants will offer you professional consultation services in all aspects of your business after a business establishment report has been produced in the UAE
  • Strategy development – Our experts will develop strategies best suited to your company.
  • Implementation and compliance-we will also assist you in implementing the strategies formed in the most effective and efficient way possible, along with professional drafting and documentation throughout.
  • After closure services and analysis, we will assist you to process all post closure aspects and formalities with proven results for mergers and acquisitions after filing and all compliance.


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