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A significant factor in ensuring that you have a good and secure establishment for business setup in UAE free zone is to ensure that the tax preparation and structuring are sound and proper. This is the reason why the competent experts at RAS Corporate Advisors are working hard to provide you with tax preparation and structuring services for the best business setup in UAE free zone. Our special services for business setup in UAE free zone go above and ahead of all others, as they allow you to create a strong base for your business in this immensely saturated and competitive industry environment. In addition to the broad range of services, we provide for the corporate sector, our specialist and experienced industry experts also ensure that you are equipped with the most professional advice and consultancy in town.

Our qualified experts will ensure that you achieve the best standard of strategic preparation through our extensive practices for tax structuring, restructuring and preparing. For the best business setup in UAE free zone, we provide a wide variety of options that conform with the company laws of the UAE and provide assistance in the areas of double taxation, direct and indirect taxation, VAT, corporation tax, sales tax, excise duty and other types. Here’s what you need to hear about the tax preparation and structuring that we deliver at RAS corporate advisors:

  1. How will RAS corporate advisors help you with tax planning and structuring for business setup in UAE free zone

Finding the best contractors and experts to secure the best business setup in UAE free zone can be a job that is tiresome and worrisome as well. This is why RAS Corporate Advisors give you the following extensive services for business setup in UAE free zone:

• Consultation on income taxes, direct and indirect taxation, double taxation and other types of taxation

• Correct and full tax registration and enforcement for a secure establishment of business setup in UAE free zone

• Tailored and personalized tax preparation for your company and personal interests

• Thorough organizational structure and restructuring

• Proper and fully aided tax preparation and market structuring process plus all relevant compliances

• Follow-up and daily reminders for all kinds of taxation payments and compliances

  • What are the benefits of opting for RAS corporate advisors tax planning and structuring services for business setup in Dubai, UAE free zone

• We provide you with experienced industry specialists and professionals who possess great knowledge of all laws and regulations that are pertinent to your company

• We have a team practicing on a wide scale of services for the various taxes imposed by the government for business setup in UAE free zone

• We provide the best and most extensive business consulting and facilitation that is customized to your business

• Our solutions and strategies are tailored to your corporate and personal needs so you can avail the best services in town

• We work diligently with government officials and agents in order to ensure that all laws and regulations are perfectly followed in the most lucid manner for business setup in UAE free zone

  • What is the course of action that you will opt for when undertaking tax planning and structuring services for business setup in UAE free zone

• Consultancy – we have thorough and extensive consultation on the tax needs of your company so that you can be assured that you are in the safest of hands in the most professional manner

• Plan formulation – our teams will create the most tailored plans for your organizational needs so that they are ideally suited to your company and requirements for company setup in UAE free zone

• Documentation – we will assist you with all the documentation required for tax purposes and our professionals will also make sure that your work is done in compliance with all kinds of local laws and regulations in the UAE

• Registration – we enable you to file with the tax authorities and to authorize business consolidation, both of which conform with the required laws and regulations for the company formed in Dubai.

• Implementation – once you have done all the requisite registrations and permits, our experts will enable you to incorporate the tax system that we have built for you so that it is easy to comply with and follow up.


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