business setup in Dubai

Get The Best Tax Residency Certificate Services For Tax Residency In The UAE With RAS Corporate Advisors

business setup in Dubai
business setup in Dubai

Engaging in financial activities for business setup in Dubai in a foreign land can be a huge responsibility. Tax planning and maintaining compliances is an essential aspect for business setup in Dubai which is why RAS corporate advisors provide you with all the corporate services you need in the best possible way. Our professionals and experts have experiences acquired over the yeas that will guarantee the most advanced catering you can get. We have a broad clientele that trusts us and the wide range of services we provide PRO services, tax and residency services, transactions, company formation and much more. Our commitment and dedication translate into providing the best services for your business setup in Dubai.

We offer comprehensive and personalized solutions to both businesses and individuals in obtaining a TRC certificate in the UAE. This will allow you to have a recourse to the double taxation treaty that exists between the UAE and other nations. We also aid eligible free zone and mainland companies for business setup in Dubai to obtain the tax domicile certificate. In addition to this, we also provide services for a tax exemption certificate to free zone companies that are not covered by a tax residency certificate. Here the services provided by RAS corporate advisors for a UAE tax certificate .

What do we offer for a tax residency certificate in the UAE

  • Extensive consultancy for tax residency, double taxation treaty, the whole procedure among other things
  • Complete assistance for a tax residency certificate for business setup in Dubai
  • Complete assistance for a tax residency certificate for individuals
  • Services for documentation preparation and obtaining other permits like your immigration report, financial statements and much more
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations

The benefits of RAS corporate advisors’ services:

  • Meticulous consultation for the entire process
  • Expert and professional team with years of experience for business setup in Dubai
  • Services for tax residency personalized for you
  • Proper documentation and paperwork
  • Complete abidance and compliances

The course of action you will take for obtaining tax residency in the UAE with RAS corporate advisors:

  • Consultation – conventionally we provide you with diligent consultation where everything, from your certificate to the entire process for business setup in Dubai are discussed thoroughly.
  • Paperwork – after consultation our team will provide you with assistance in all the necessary paperwork related to you
  • Submission – our professionals will make sure that all your paperwork and documentation are submitted with the right authorities. This will include submitting your passport, valid visa, bank statement, audit reports and others along with the required fee for your UAE tax residency certificate
  • Acceptance and issuance – after a few days of submitting your documents, upon them being cleared your business setup in Dubai will receive its certificate via electronic mail from the relevant authorities. And these will be valid for one year.
  • Reissue – we go the extra mile to help with reissuing your certificate upon expiry after one year with all compliances and abidance with all laws and regulations necesaary


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