The corporate world for the establishment of business setup in UAE free zone knows how important intangible assets are. The mind of a company and its inventions must be preserved and safeguarded in the best possible manner since these assets are often times more valuable than the tangible investments for a corporation. From the unique name of your company to the secrets of your business, everything is important and must be valued securely. Your new innovations and the authentication of your business world are unique and protective for you, which is why RAS corporate advisors are giving you the highest and most sought-after intellectual property holding services in town. our facilities for these services are renowned and our gulf heritage places us above everyone else in the industry.

Our industry professionals and specialists for business setup in Dubai, UAE free zone are devoted and committed to supplying you with the best of the best in the region. Our wide variety of facilities conform with all the laws and regulations in the UAE so that you can be certain of any legal problems. In addition, we are now in line with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) so that we can better assist you in registering your work and inventions for trademarks, patents and copyrights. Our coordinated and structured work ethic can allow the quickest and most efficient delivery of services. Here’s what you need to hear on what RAS business advisors are offering for the best business setup in UAE free zone:

  1. What are the services that are provided by RAS corporate advisors for the holding of intellectual property in the UAE

• Integral consultation on every aspect of your business setup in UAE free zone

• Guidelines on the defense of your intellectual property for business setup in UAE free zone

• Registering of the trademarks in the simplest way possible to make the most of your process and as lucid as possible

• Full copyright registration on any and all of your original works to keep them secure and safe in the best possible way

• Complete and correct registration of your patents for your revolutionary and original inventions for protection

• We supply you with the most highly-assisted and competent specialist advisors who are experienced in their fields and will ensure that you are provided with the best services in town

• Detailed and comprehensive advice on paperwork, documents and filing that is compliant with all kinds of compliances towards laws and regulations

  • What are the core advantages of opting for RAS corporate advisors for you intellectual property holding services in the UAE

• We have tailored and specialized services for the most efficient establishment of your business setup in UAE free zone

• We understand the various brands and their protection needs in the UAE and so our professionals properly ensure that customized facilitation is provided to you

• We have a knowledgeable team with years of experience in the corporate world

• We have ground-level assistance for all aspects of your business setup in UAE free zone

• We protect trademarks, copyrights and patents in a systematic way for the best interests of your intellectual property holding in the UAE

• our tax specialists are renowned to be experts in the field of corporate consideration and all other matters related to this vertical

  • What is the course of action that you will opt for in order to secure the best intellectual property holding services for business setup in UAE free zone

• Consultation-the initial move for the formation of a business setup in Dubai, UAE free zone is to consult our industry experts thoroughly and in depth. We have the best advisory services to secure the intellectual property

• Documentation-we will provide you with all the documentation required for the filing of your intellectual property problems and complaints.

• Registration-we enable you to register with the authorities for your proposals and permission for intellectual approval, all of which conform with the requisite laws and regulations for the development of a business in Dubai.

• Follow ups and notifications – once you have accepted the intellectual property, we will provide thorough updates and follow-ups so you can keep ahead of the competition and be certain of the copyrights, trademarks and patents. This will place you on the right track and make sure that you comply with all the company laws in Dubai.


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