Mainland company setup in Dubai

Differences Between Free Zone And Mainland Company Setup In Dubai, UAE

Mainland company setup in Dubai is the biggest dream of many entrepreneurs of our generation. Modern business owners are doing their best to get a corporate branch of their business in this part of the world. 

Most business owners understand the benefits of getting their corporate presence established in Dubai. Knowing the benefits is not enough for building a business presence in this part of the world. 

They have to struggle hard to achieve this incredible corporate feat. The credit goes to their limited understanding of the concept.  

We want to take your understanding of the concept to the next level. We want you to move in the right direction. You must have already read about its advantages through our previous post.  

We suggest you move to the next level and learn more about the concept. The list includes but is not limited to the following only: 

Types of Dubai Mainland Company Setup through our previous post:

We have prepared a list of business types that fall in the category of mainland companies. Take a look below: 

  • Sole Establishment 
  • Limited Liability Company
  • A Branch of Foreign Company
  • A Representative Office 
  • A Civil Company 

Who Issues The License:

The Department of Economic Development issues all types of licenses on behalf of the Dubai government. 

The department issues licenses to the businesses applying to spread their corporate wings in the mainland of Dubai outside the free zone territories. 

All of these companies earn the label of local companies. 

The Types of Licenses Issued:

The Department of Economic Development issues three different types of licenses. 

The one you will get depends on the type of your business and the activities you want to carry out.

Listed below are the three types of licenses DED issues to businesses for mainland company setup in Dubai:

  • Professional License 
  • Industrial License 
  • Commercial License 

The Probability of Exemptions.

Mainland companies earn their right to operate throughout the emirate without any hassles. However, you will need the following holding minimum of 51% equity:

  • An Emirati Partner or an agent. 
  • An Individual or a corporate.

You do not have a choice. You must operate throughout Dubai and other emirates of the UAE.   

All these factors collectively determine the probability of exemptions for you. 

The probability of exemptions multiplies only under the following conditions: 

  • Corporate Activities Permitting full foreign ownership.9 
  • The partnership of GCC businesses with UAE Nationals. 
  • Corporate activities that allow full local ownership.

Differences Between Mainland And Free zone Company 

This is one more thing you must learn about it. Learning about it will help you move in the right direction. You will save time and buckets of money in this process. 

Dubai Mainland Company Setup is different from free zones in many ways. 

  • The difference between corporate ownership
  • The scope of business is different.
  • Legalities for office space also differ. 
  • All legalities are related to visa eligibility. 
  • The company audit process also differs. 
  • Legalities are related to capital prerequisites.
  • The set of approvals required differs. 

A certified and experienced corporate advisor knows all of these differences, company & license types.

We suggest you talk to the most experienced mainland company setup in Dubai, UAE. 

Your quest for the best ends at RAS Corporate Advisors, Dubai, 

Let us know right away! 

From a team of experienced professionals to the understanding of relevant processes and legalities, we have everything to bring a big smile to your face. 

We are only a call or message away. 


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