For the most developed corporate and professional business setup in UAE free zone, having a holding firm is an excellent opportunity for UAE investors. And that’s why we, the RAS corporate advisors, provide the highest and most professional services for the establishment of business setup in UAE free zone. Our Holding Management Services provide a full range of facilities to your firm, including consultancy, preparation, operation and even the creation of subsidiaries for your holding company. Professional experts at RAS Corporate Advisors ensure that they represent you with loyalty and devotion such that your business setup in UAE free zone is done in the most specialized and facilitated manner. In addition to this, our business experts also ensure that you are provided with the most lucid and compliant services for business setup in UAE free zone.

A business holding company founded for business setup in UAE free zone helps you to invest as a local or even international investor in the stock and properties of various businesses. Our facilities are available to all forms of investors with comprehensive advice and market assistance set up in Dubai. Our business consultants and professionals can enable you to set up a holding company efficiently and comfortably. And this will be accomplished in line with all rules and regulations that are pertinent to your business or company for business setup in UAE free zone. Here’s what you need to know about what RAS business advisors will be providing you with to set up a holding company in the UAE in the most lucid manner:

  1. What services do RAS corporate advisors offer you for setting up a holding company in the UAE

• The formation and incorporation of a proper and professional holding company that id compliant in lucid

• Formation of a holding company on the mainland areas and free zones

• Formation of a free zone holding company to establish a business setup in UAE free zone

• Full assistance in locating local sponsors for the formation of a mainland holding company in the UAE

• Complete and sufficient support with all reporting, documents and other legal and organizational formalities with proper documentation and assistance

• Registration assistance, compliance, incorporation and other management aspects and much more

• Assistance for the subsequent formation of the holding company or its subsidiaries in the UAE 

• Comprehensive investment and risk assertion guidance to provide you with the best and most forward-looking services provided by the best experienced industry professionals

  • The advantages of opting for the services provided by RAS corporate providers for holding management services for business setup in UAE free zone

• Robust and committed facilities for the holding company for business setup in UAE free zone, all in one place and in the most efficient manner possible

• Well-assisted process by our experts and industry specialists

• Simple registration and enforcement with full guidance and compliance with local laws

• Competent wealth management and fund management customized for your business setup in UAE free zone

• We’re providing a squad of top professionals and specialists tailored to you

  • What is the course of action you will opt for with RAS corporate advisors when forming your own holding company for business setup in UAE free zone

• Consulting – the initial move for the formation of a company setup in UAE free zone is to contact our industry experts thoroughly and in depth. We have the best consultancy services on any matter that your business will require in all aspects related. Our teams will also ensure that all documentation and legal matters are done in compliance with local regulations and laws

• Formalities and facilitation – our services provide facilitated fulfillment of formalities through assistance with areas such as reporting, documents and other corporate issues, including full legal processes, permits and qualifications for board members, in the safest and quickest practicable manner.

• Complete and proper Compliances – after consultation and the requisite formalities have been concluded, our consultants and practitioners will advise you in all final compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This will require the registration of your holding firms with the authorities, the licensing of your corporation and other required approvals for the establishment of a business in Dubai.


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