RAS corporate advisors is a well-known and reputed firm that provides the industry’s most professional corporate services to its clients from all over the world. Our gulf heritage and global presence allow us to make sure that business setup in Dubai – a highly stringent process in the UAE – is made easier for everyone wishing to opt for it. We provide our clients with professional and experienced industry experts who make sure that business setup in Dubai is done in the most lucid possible manner. Customer satisfaction, commitment, and dedication set us apart in the industry. Business setup in Dubai is renowned for being a tiring and long process that requires attention and diligence which is why without the right consultancy and advice, things can go south. However, working with RAS corporate advisors will serve you in the best possible way. Here is a broad list of all the corporate services that are provided by RAS corporate advisors:

  1. Business/Company formation and licensing:
    In all sorts of business setups, our competent advisors and experts have years of experience. RAS corporate advisors will provide you with all the support you need from paperwork to follow-up for business setup in Dubai, whether you are trying to set up a company in the free zones, a mainland company, or an offshore company, we will have your back.
  2. Visa services and sponsorships
    Given the degree of unreliability that exists, getting hold of a trustworthy sponsor for business setup in Dubai can be overwhelming. However, with the help of RAS business advisors, we perform comprehensive background checks on our sponsors and also offer the best services for securing visas, provided everything is made easier so that your job is made hassle-free.
  3. PRO services
    Our qualified Public Relations Officers (PRO) will completely assist you with all the paperwork problems you will face for business setup in Dubai. These experts ensure that your job is done professionally and in a structured manner with every important contact on their fingertips so that there is a full track record of everything.
  4. Banking services
    This is one of the most tiresome and demanding aspects of business setup in Dubai. However, with RAS corporate advisors who have our banking partners in house banking counters, it is made easier for our experts to help you open a proper corporate banking account in no time then and there.
  5. Advisory services
    It is critical to get the right legal and advisory services when you step into the corporate world. That’s why RAS corporate advisors make sure you’re up-to-date with any advice you need.
  6. Company liquidation
    This is a strict operation, but with RAS corporate advisors, you can easily go through this entire phase without any problems. We provide the best possible enforcement and assistance in this matter.
  7. Corporate services
    We have a seamless transaction process so you don’t have to think about complying with local laws and regulations. Our technical services ensure the finest and most up-to-date business services in the region.


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