Mainland company setup in Dubai

Advantageous of Dubai Mainland Company Setup

The government of Dubai offers a variety of business setup options. Mainland company setup in Dubai is one of those options. 

This option always remains the topmost priority for expatriates planning to spread their corporate wings in this part of the world for growth beyond geographical boundaries. 

Are you also thinking about it? Is this option on your list too? 

What are you going to do about it? How are you going to add this mind-blowing feather to your corporate cap? 

You will need guidance to achieve this incredible feat. We want to be the guide you need. We want to save you buckets of money and time that go into this complex process. 

We suggest you learn some things about it. Learning about these points will make it easy for you. The list includes but is not limited to the following only: 

What is the Mainland Company setup in Dubai? 

Such a business falls in the category of an onshore company. You will have to get it registered under the government authorities of the emirate of your choice. 

The registration of a corporate entity with the Department of Economic Development is mandatory to get licensed for operating in an emirate of your choice. 

What is the process? 

The government has determined a specific process for this. We suggest you learn this process. You will need to follow the list of steps mentioned below:

  • Determine the legal structure of your business. 
  • Determine the activities of your organization. 
  • Register a trade name. 
  • Get an office space. 
  • Submit your application to get a mainland company license. 
  • If needed, get additional approvals from the government authorities. 
  • Visa management is important. 
  • Get a bank account opened. 

However, the process may vary according to the current status of your business, requirements, and changes to the set of relevant legalities. Seeking help from experienced and certified corporate advisors familiar with relevant legalities and processes could save you time and money. 

Requirements To Setup Dubai Mainland Company Setup:

Do you know the requirements to fulfill for adding this corporate feather to your cap? Take a look below:

  • Submit at least three unique trade name choices. 
  • Submit a complete list of business activities. 
  • Submit passport-size photographs of all business partners. 
  • Submit a copy of a stamp or visa page required to enter the UAE. 

Make sure all passport-size photographs adhere to the protocols determined by the government of Dubai. 

Now you are all set to understand the benefits of Dubai mainland company setup.

The List of Benefits:

  • Access to business opportunities with local government authorities. 
  • Access to a variety of tax benefits. 
  • Permission to carry out business operations throughout the UAE.
  • Your company can operate worldwide from the emirate of your choice. 
  • The company can expand worldwide. 
  • Ownership-related benefits. 
  • Diversification of corporate operations. 
  • Freedom for the growth of your company and team. 

The list does not end here only. 

Remember, it is a complex process from the legal, corporate, and financial perspectives. You will need a team of experienced corporate advisors to assist you. 

The team at RAS Corporate Advisors possesses the wealth of proven experience, expertise, and certifications required to help you save time and buckets of money that go into the process of mainland company setup in Dubai

Are you ready? 

Send us your requirements. We will see what we can do for you.


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