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A Detailed Guide To Register An Instant Trade License In Dubai

A Detailed Guide To Register An Instant Trade License In Dubai

Dubai has been striving with a wide variety of business boring foreign entrepreneurs and investors almost each year. The stable economic planning in Dubai has helped the business to sustain and flourish.

Setting up a business in Dubai and taking into notice the nitty-gritty of business is not in easy deal. However Department of Economic Development in Dubai introduced the provision for instant trade licence keeping in mind the needs of the market .However this instant trade licence has opened up new avenues for entrepreneurs across the globe to business setup in Dubai.

How can instant trade licence be helpful? 

Instant trade license have added more glory to the businesses in and across Dubai. Let us look at the perks of availing instant trade license in Dubai:-

●     Instant trade license issued within a span of 5 to 10 minutes or on the same day of insurance helps in initiating business in Dubai.

●     Business structure name registration is not required for the first year along with a MOA which is also exempted for the first year of your business in Dubai.

●     No rent contact is required for the first year of business. These points are enough to attract entrepreneurs who intend to set up business in Dubai.

How and who can avail for a trade license?

Instant trade licence in Dubai can only be issued to activities that do not fall within the realm of external approval .Companies with the business structure of LLC, one person LLC, sole proprietorship and civil company can avail for an instant trade licence in Dubai.

How to avail if one is applying through DED E service platform. He/she will have followed these basic steps of application.

●     For applying through the service platform no additional documents are required but an original id is a must to create an account and get it get a UAE pass ID.

●     Then you have to select the structure of your business along with choosing the ideal business activity which is followed by selecting the shareholding structure of your company in Dubai

●     Select the shared capital of your company along with choosing three trade names of options.

●     Next Step demands the completion of the necessary application forms with submitting the required documents simultaneously.

●     For the payment deal, shares will be issued and you will have to make the necessary payment required to avail the trade licence instantly.

●     Once all the procedures are done and dusted you will receive the instant trade licence.

Post receiving the instant trade licence you are good to go, you are perfectly ready to set up business in and across Dubai.


However as an entrepreneur might be apprehensive of establishing a business set up in Dubai. The corporate advisors are sure to help you out in and across UAE.RAS Corporate advisors can come to your help if you want to set up a business in a fast and efficient way.

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