100% ownership on trading activities in Dubai

100% ownership on trading activities in Dubai

There might be a lot of questions arising in your mind Can a foreigner own a business in Dubai? Can I own 100% ownership of trading activities in Dubai?
Commercial Firms Law (the “CCL”) of the UAE has been amended to permit corporations established in the UAE according to the CCL, which are frequently referred to as “mainland” companies, to have 100% ownership. The local Department of Economic Development may require that you submit your business plan, as well as supporting documentation for your firm and particular activity, before making a final decision on your own portion. It is beneficial to have the aid of a knowledgeable expert who can submit these papers on your behalf.

Existing Mainland Businesses Will Be Affected

It has not impacted the status of current company licenses that are built on a 51 per cent-49 per cent paradigm. You may, however, make changes to your Memorandum of Association (MOA) and license by following the normal legal processes.

Full ownership has no effect on current licensing criteria, with the exception of the necessity to have an Emirati or Gulf Cooperation Council national or firm as a partner Corporate Commercial Transactions in the UAE, which has been eliminated. Furthermore, the new criteria do not result in any increases in fees, guarantees, or capital requirements as a result of their implementation.

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Changing the terms of your existing DED license

To alter your current license, you will need to confirm that the Emirati shareholder is on board with the changes. A silent partner who receives a yearly fee in exchange for his or her services, the Emirati shareholder is the majority of the time. You will almost certainly have to negotiate a final settlement price in order to transfer all of your shares to yourself or another overseas partner.

Once you have reached a mutual agreement, you may continue with the sale of shares agreement and the amendment of the Memorandum of Agreement. We can help you with the legal aspects of the modification. Contact us for further information. You still have legal and arbitration alternatives if the Emirati shareholder refuses to agree to withdraw himself or herself from your current LLC corporation Buying a UAE Ready Made Shelf Company. You may then regain complete control of your organisation.

The Effect on Free Trade Zone the choice between incorporating in a free zone and incorporating via the local DED may come down to how much of the company is conducted locally vs how much is transacted abroad. When targeting foreign markets, entrepreneurs may choose to keep their free zone model, however when targeting domestic markets, entrepreneurs might save money by not having to go via a local distributor and so increase profit margins.

Incorporate a new mainland business in which you will have 100% ownership?

The incorporation procedure for a new mainland firm is now more straightforward than it has ever been. Many of the processes are accessible via online portals provided by the local Department of Environmental Protection. You can get your company up and running in five easy steps:

Consider a name for your company and then choose one of the business activities from the drop-down menu. Complete the necessary documentation for incorporation. The paperwork necessary varies based on the industry in which the company operates. This is where the services of a business consultant may be of use.

Once you have obtained your license, you should open a business bank account. Complete the necessary visa paperwork for you and any international employees. The cost of incorporating a company in Dubai is determined by the kind of the business, the location of the firm, and the number of visas required by Nominee Service UAE. Service fees for company formation companies, office rent, and visa charges should all be taken into consideration.


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