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100% Expat Ownership in Dubai Mainland License

Although Dubai and all the other Emirates have earned much fame being at the focal point of setting up easy business. But a foreign investor or entrepreneur who can often be referred to as an expat is at first sceptical about setting up business in mainland Dubai. There is always a line of difference between a localite and a foreigner who wants to set up a business in Dubai.

A foreigner overseas is partially not introduced to a number of benefits to set up a business in Dubai. Setting up of a company in mainland Dubai requires you to procure a shareholder who would occupy 51% of your business. Hence, as an entrepreneur in a foreign country there is always an inherent risk factor that works behind the curtains.

But Dubai has always been lenient towards the entrepreneurs who intend to set up their business therein. Hence the rulers who decide the market have been trying their heart and soul to slacken the procedure of owning a company in mainland Dubai and have full ownership of the company.

How beneficial would the idea of granting 100% expat ownership in Dubai mainland business be?

Granting 100% ownership is like a boon to those entrepreneurs who somewhere in the corner of their heart intend to set up a business in Dubai mainland owing to its economic flexibility and stability. The benefits pertaining round these are as follows:-

●     As an entrepreneur you no longer have to worry about who will be the shareholder in your business. After structuring this grant you can freely and in an autonomous manner own your business.

●     The second benefit is that an entrepreneur will no longer have to wait for a localite or a company to invest in half of his business.

●     One of the most potential benefits of establishing a company in mainland Dubai is that it is not restricted to staff numbers and size of the company unlike a company in a free zone.

●     Next comes the potential of a mainland business to exemplify their scope of work in the Government sector as well, which is pretty lucrative in and across UAE and Dubai.

The entire procedure will undertake a process and investors are hopeful that in future the business structure in UAE and in Dubai will accept them whole heartedly. Moreover it needs special mention here that granting 100% expat ownership will boost up the economy of UAE and all its Emirates. This in turn will help the UAE government to cement its economic stability and add more to its GDP growth.


However to conclude we can say that the Corporate Service Providers have been extremely beneficial for the expats who are apprehensive of establishing a business set up in mainland Dubai. They provide with efficient services that suits the taste of their clients. These service providers help an entrepreneur from scratch as to how he should invest the time and money wisely.

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